What Is Prakaasham by Shalini?


Astrology is a science that asserts a connection between a person’s mood and the motion of the stars. This area of study has caught the attention of a lot of millennials recently.

In light of this, Prakaasham provides customized consultations to assist customers in achieving their distinctive goals in life – be it spiritual, personal, career, intellectual, fitness, or family goals. You name it, We possess what it takes to offer tailor-made solutions. We provide a wide range of services at Prakaasham, including numerology, therapeutic interventions, and astrological readings. Based on a person’s birth chart, these astrological analyses provide guidance and insight into their life.

Prakaasham is an intuitive movement of guiding people towards a free & peaceful life by comprehending the astrological, numerological & the right kind of crystal healing journey for them. Knowledge is power, but knowledge without application is purposeless. With Prakaasham you can not only gain knowledge about how one can make life around them simpler &peaceful but we offer a holistic application-based solution along with knowledge, enabling the individual to practice healing with veracious guidance from our expert astrologers.


The Brain Behind Prakaasham

Shalini Wadhwa by Crystline


Ms. Shalini Wadhwa, a crystal healer, certified numerologist, and seasoned astrologer, founded Prakaasham with an entrenched desire to use her knowledge and expertise to bring peace & harmony to everyone. She believes in making this niche more accessible with utmost personal attention & intention to offer intimate healing resolutions.

Our team leaves no stone unturned when it comes to an understanding your circumstances and extending thorough solutions. This confidence & courage to extend such solutions has been only because of the successful testimonials Ms. Shalini Wadhwa has received from her existing clientele around the world. In addition to assisting her customers in understanding their horoscopes and locating the root of their difficulties, she provides life coaching. Her belief is that everyone can make positive life changes and seek to bring “enlightenment” into people’s lives.



Healing Conundrums? Not Anymore!


Team Prakaasham has mastered the art of providing spiritual guidance and energy healing for financial problems, relationships, business success, and anything that you are seeking a solution for.

If there’s a problem, there is a solution as well. We help you find that solution and make your journey in this realm interesting & worth remembering. Our group of enlightened & informed practitioners is here to assist you in leading a pleasant & peaceful life.

Come explore Prakaasham’s potential and learn more about its ability for development and healing. You are just a click away from a whole different way of living. Stop waiting & start manifesting with us today.

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