Crystal To Attract Love

Love Crystals by Crystline

Best crystals for attracting love

Here are a few crystals to attract love. Heart-wrenching, Beautiful, Emotional and Cruel- Love is a feeling that makes you experience it all. It is because of love that the world tears apart, but it is also because of love that the world remains united. Love is where the logic fails, leading to the most ethereal destinations one can feel. To make you feel the divinity, aura and magic of love, let’s have a look at the best crystals to attract love and how to use them!

  1. Rose Quartz Popularly known as the love stone, it perfectly depicts what love feels like. It is replete with positivity, charm and affection. It is a versatile crystal which can help you attract love and fulfilment. Rose quartz crystal when placed at the heart of your house can open endless doors of love, possibilities, fulfilment, divinity and charisma.
  2. Rhodochrosite- Awash with a brilliant shade of pink with hues of white, this stone holds the power of blocking all the negativity from your life and can make your slim chances of getting love thick. With this crystal, you are just a step away from getting the love you have always imagined of.
  3. Pink Kunzite- This crystal is best known for strengthening emotional relations and helps create a strong love bond between you and your partner. It also evokes desire, self-esteem, and connection and brings you closer to your expectations.
  4. Clear Quartz- Clear quartz is well known as the universe stone because of its transparent appearance which signifies prosperity, healing and a positive mindset. It is connected to the crown chakra and because of this encourages us to look more deeply into our own lives and find areas in which we need to grow or change. In regards to finding love and romance, this insight can be greatly beneficial as often we are not as ready to receive romantic attention as we might think.
  5. Pink Tourmaline- Connected to the heart chakra, this crystal can help you achieve all your romantic goals. It can aid you in getting an upsurge of love and charm, and its high vibration frequency can expel all the negativity and emotional stress. This stone will protect your heart and vibes and bring only good things.

 Crystal Healing has helped the masses attain divinity and fulfilment. Experience the magic and power of crystal healing yourself and attain greater feats. With Crystline’s carefully curated crystals, you can experience the aura of love and fulfilment.