The Science Behind Crystal Healing

The Science Behind Crystal Healing by Crystline

The miracles of crystals healing date back to the earliest civilizations of Greece, Native America, and China. It is widely believed that Egyptian mummies were wrapped in gemstones and crystals to aid in the afterlife. Such is the strong belief in the healing and holistic benefits of crystal healing. So here we will find out the science behind crystal healing.

Crystal Healing is a unique area of science that harnesses positive energies and imbibes wellness with the help of crystals and gemstones. It is often used for headaches, relaxation, anxiety, and other illnesses. The philosophy of modern crystal healing has been adopted from traditional Asian cultures and the Buddhist concept of Chakras which are said to connect the physical and supernatural elements of the body. Crystal stones are assigned various properties which explain their myriad of benefits. These healing rocks have their particular vibration and frequency, behaving like a magnet, it can absorb negative energies and pave way for mirth and positivity. Crystals being naturally extracted have harnessed the goodness of all the panch tattvas. The energies of the sun, the placid sea, and the goodness of soil and air- crystal rocks are replete with healing abilities.

The Science Behind Crystal Healing

Think of using crystals as we do medicine and herbs—it is just another natural way for you to help yourself and others. Crystals have helped a plethora of people in meditating and align their chakras. Where the crystals are placed and used is an important aspect to consider when using crystals. They can be placed on specific parts of the body, worn as necklaces and other jewelry, placed in pouches or pockets, or they can be placed throughout a home to bring positive vibrations to the home space. One such miraculous crystal is Amethyst. Amethyst is a lilac variety of quartz. It has proven to help in the detoxification of the mind, soul, and body, and has also shown positive results when it comes to healing ailments like digestive issues, insomnia, nightmares, migraines, and headaches, just to name a few. It promotes sobriety and helps fight addictions. Moreover, it is also one of the most popular natural tranquilizers that have eased anxiety, stress, and depression and brought about calmness, serenity, and mental peace to many. Several other crystals like Rose Quartz, azurite, citrine, etc. have become popular in recent years due to their beneficial properties and healing abilities. But beware crystals do not work without charging them with positive energy, Learn how to charge your crystals.

Crystal Healing is often termed as ‘pseudoscience’ or ‘witchcraft’ by those who are unaware of the benefits it holds. Its roots go back to some of the oldest civilizations in history that have changed the shape and form of the contemporary world. Think of Crystal healing as a way to make your life better. Want to know the right crystal for you? Allow the benefits to take over you and let the healing begin!